I wrote it

The Night before New Years' Eve by Jason Johnson

The words "I Loved you!" Screamed at the top of her lungs, and vibrated through my ears. ...and you know I just stood there after all her tears and her words and after I heard her heart shattered into a million pieces, I stood there. Lost, not sure of what I wanted or what to do.

I thought about chasing after her and telling her "I told you I cared!, I told you I loved you too!"

I stood still

On the other side of the door I thought I would of chased you,

I didn't

Please don't take the blame

A FEW THINGS by Jason Johnson

1. Part of growing up is voluntarily ending relationships that don't contribute to your growth / require too much attention and constant nurturing.

2. Great friends never stop being friends, even if we all take different paths.

3. Take calculated risks every time you get an opportunity to do so.

4. If you love them let them know

5. Comfort kills passion

6. Hesitation causes accidents, be certain with your decisions.

7. Pay yourself first

8. Travel everywhere you can

9. Follow your intuition

10. Never stop dreaming!

11. As long as you're better than the day before, week before, month before and the year before that's real success.

Netflix as the Night light by Jason Johnson

I invited her over, she cameThinking about how many times I would make her cum,

undone, unravel her soul, conquering her body would be too easy

I eased into the night started with something light A little laughter, Kevin Hart, Netflix always does the trick

We discussed her distrust for men, I chalked it up to her relationship with her father who was further away from the man she needed.

She needed to be needed And I wanted to have this moment last longer

she was always the one taken, taken for granted waiting for Mr. Right

The thrill of discovery kept me interested

I think she enjoyed just having someone to listen

Vision Board by Jason Johnson

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It's been crazy lately, these moments I've experienced in the last few years often have me pinching myself to see if i'm dreaming. I'm somewhere in between day dreams and reality, my vision board is starting to look like my real life.

I once read "Unless you do it you can never imagine what it's like" it's been my guiding principle since then. I want to tell you about a moment. In 2009 I believe, give or take a year, I was leaving work at Telus Dufferin Mall. I was a sales associate then and had big aspirations of moving on up in life and the company. I had just completed my Real Estate courses and was unsure of what to do with it, the obvious thing to do was just start but there were so many risks in doing so, one being losing the comfort of a steady pay cheque. I thought about it for a few more months and put it on the list of things to do." #1 - Start Real Estate Career" months came and went and with each month I moved up into the company, ultimately becoming the acting store manager of Dufferin Mall Telus. One day I was heading home and as I was about to pull out of the parking lot, I see this girl. Curly haired, with caramel complexion. I've seen this girl for awhile now and she's worked in the mall with me but I was always to shy to hi. In that split moment, I told myself I was going to make a decision, and unlike the major decision of starting my Real Estate career i'm going to actually act upon it. I drove my car beside her and said something similar to "hi, my name is Jason, I work at Telus (as I point to the Telus logo on my uniform) I've seen you for awhile now and felt I had to at least introduce myself. What is your name?" she said her name was Sasha and I offered her a ride home, she was more than hesitant to agree but I assured her "You know where I work, my license number and I'm obviously not a creep" I said, and she agreed. I acted on my impulse and it worked I got to know Sasha, Sasha and I ultimately started to date.

Now Sasha's mom was a mortgage broker and I told her I was also pursuing Real Estate, she introduced me to Mike and Marisol a client of hers she was finalizing a mortgage for and asked me to help them find a condo. Mike and Marisol became my first real estate transaction, they eventually bought with me and have done over 6 real estate transactions with me plus referred 2 of their friends. Now the moral of the story is sometimes you just have to act on your impulses  your dreams coming to fruition may be one conversation away. Follow your gut instincts, meet people and tell them your dreams. It never hurts, I got the luck of the draw then, a beautiful girl and fulfilling my desires to start my real estate career.

Thank You Carmen & Sasha


*I haven't checked this for any errors please ignore, sometimes you just got to write freely. I'll edit later :)

Inspired by her by Jason Johnson


Her body spread across my bed. Silhouettes of her moulded by my duvet cover

The sun rays peeked through the blinds, she now awaken, wiped the sleep from her eyes while adjusting to the light.

I adjusted to her.

Body heat comforted the cold morning air.

Admiring everything that we are.

Caught in between the duvet and a moment.

I feel her and not just in the physical sense of her

The scent of her lingers in my pillows, the scent of us lingers in the duvet

I think there was a moment where she said, no we said, shit we would never say. Like, I think I love you. There might have been a few kisses in between deep breaths, deep breaths because our bodies would die without air

But who cares

Lips locked, caught a few hairs in my mouth We laughed while I pulled it out and she smiled when I put it in.

Deep thoughts She said She love She loves everything about me especially what’s within.

I felt like I mean we felt like No time felt like it was frozen.

And she froze, let out a sigh mid climax


I laughed at the frizziness of her hair Wiped away a loose eyelash

I could of made a few more wishes but I already had what I wished for,

Sunday Mornings with you.

Oct. 6th. 2014

By: Jason R. Johnson