YEARS IN by Jason Johnson

I’d love to say that when this all started, I knew exactly what I was doing or that I would be where I am today - I didn't 

ECKO FEST     [From left to right; Seema Jain, Jenna Telesford, Unknown, Alexandra Desouza, Michael Adrian, Elise Assaf, Unknown, unknown, Rebecca Brianceau, Andre Joseph    Lower: unknown, Aubrey Graham, Jason J, Yusef Williams]


[From left to right; Seema Jain, Jenna Telesford, Unknown, Alexandra Desouza, Michael Adrian, Elise Assaf, Unknown, unknown, Rebecca Brianceau, Andre Joseph

Lower: unknown, Aubrey Graham, Jason J, Yusef Williams]


Over the years I've been fortunate enough to able to curate key moments for the city and our clients, Fortunate for the opportunity to have worked with some of the biggest artists in music and entertainment such as; Drake, The Weeknd, Future, Partynextdoor, Chris Rock, Amir Johnson + more to name a few. 

Thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve as a  creative director / event producer on numerous events / activations and our own signature events over the last 10 years.

I never thought that throwing events on Sky Bar's rooftop would lead to launching Chris Rock's movie 'Top 5' across key markets in America and more importantly getting the opportunity to work alongside Paramount Pictures and Scott Rudin.  

Grateful for it all, Just wanted to document some of it. 

snapshots of moments and projects i've been apart of / curated below: 

'Top Five' Movie Screening New York.     Client: Paramount Pictures

'Top Five' Movie Screening New York. 

Client: Paramount Pictures

Muzik Beach Sundays

Client: Muzik Beach  

Directed by: Tien Ta

Private event curated for Lamar's birthday     Client: Lamar / XO     Design: Melissa Andre

Private event curated for Lamar's birthday

Client: Lamar / XO

Design: Melissa Andre

The Weeknd MMVA afterparty

Client: The Weeknd / XO / REMY MARTIN

Directed by: Tien Ta

Day & Night Advert. by Sean Brown

Day & Night Advert. by Sean Brown

Would You Like a Tour

Tour Staff


Private event

Client: Amir 'Cash' E / XO / Remy Martin 

So Butter - Signature Event




Directed by: Phill Harris

Group Chat with Jae and Trey Richards by Jason Johnson

Had an amazing time talking with Jae and Trey Richards about finding your purpose and the manifestation of ideas into reality. I brought a close friend of mine along. Meet Umbereene, Artistic Director / Producer of Nuit Blanche.

We're are all trying to figure out this thing called life, wanted to give some words of encouragement and lessons I've learned along the way. 

Take what you need. 


Blonde on Repeat by Jason Johnson

The Sun illuminates and the shadows become clear

In and out of day dreams searching for a better tomorrow 

I took a trip to get away.

Still tripping over the small things, still looking for meaning in every single detail. 

Lessons turns into habits that becomes evident in our mannerisms. Its no wonder why i'm recluse. Mentally exhausted trying to maneuver through the minefield of everyone's ego, 

And every time I wave a white flag someone sets fire to it.  

I remind myself that nothing is more important than my sanity. 

Creating tomorrow, while appreciating the past. 

Out in The Desert I found clarity,

Wistfully Staring into the vastness of the landscape, hoping a sign or message would appear. 

The Universe tends to give us only what we can handle, or so i've been told, I now find solitude knowing that i've dealt with every card that's been given to me. 

On the bathroom mirror I wrote " Be Open, to what may come next and eventually you'll find a way". 



I've been whispering all my wishes to the moon, Cause who else is there to talk to when we all fight for "God?"

Sitting in foreign places observing people as they pass by provides a weird sense of calm, it’s only in motion do I ever feel at peace. 

Staying still, Kills. 

30, will make you think about forever, like, what if you actually live ’til you’re fucking 80 with no plan, alone with cats and your garden (if you even have that)... It's scary lol

I’m proud to say hot dog vendors haven’t seen me in years, it’s with decisions like these that makes me feel like one day i’ll get this “adulting” thing people talk about. 

Taking chances, Taking risks. I’ll never get it fully right, or know why I want her in one of my better tees when she asks if I have something comfortable to wear. 

I like who I am when i'm not trying to maintain this idea of who I want to be.Learning not to judge myself based on what others tend to show. 

Moments and experiences ultimately shape / reveal what we truly want, it’s only then things become clear.  I keep telling myself i’m somewhere between, ‘You're exactly where you need to be and why the hell is this taking so long.’

I’d like to think that I’m growing. I’d like to think that nothing was done in vain. Shedding older versions of me, I feel like i’ve been a few people already in my life time. 

I found some old writing, and it was therapy. I re-read a few books and found that different parts of it resonated. 

It was South Africa; It was there I learned to let go and place faith in the universe, it was then that I learned your thoughts can become things.

Finding ways to create something beautiful. 

For now, the consistent Sunrise, gives me hope that each day can provide beauty. 



If neighborhoods affected your health and well being I would say i’m somewhere in between casual athlete and occupational alcoholic, welcome to my King West a neighborhood that is constantly on. 


This is #loveyourhood for Bench Canada 


I wanted to capture the essence of this street, between Spadina and Bathurst, highlight some of the spots I visit. I won’t go in to much detail about each spot but rather give you a quick overview of the places, some things to order and leave the rest for visual consumption. 


I eat, breathe, work and sleep (literally) in this neighborhood and you can often spot me cruising these side streets on two wheels. 



Here are some of my go to spots, some at different times. Feel free to drop my name at any of these restaurants or establishments. Disclaimer: Saying my name will actually do nothing for you 




Well “Breakfast” is a loose term in my world some nights turn into mornings and some are way too “A.M” ish for me. I alternate between two spots Brioche and Portland Variety, PV for the win with the comfortable seats and home feel. Plus the deserts / treats are actually worth the price. 


Order the Patatas Bravas (I swear they inject it with crack, so good) 




Lunch meetings are a norm and frequent so I stick to places that are quick, casual, and has great food. My Go-To is definitely Gusto 101, the casual feel, rustic mechanic garage shop turnt into Italian Cusine heaven reaffirms that Italians take pride in everything they do. If Only I had the Ferrari outside.. 





Believe it or not, I like to keep dinner casual. Me being an excellent Chef when it comes to all day breakfast or any thing microwaveable, eats out more than I would like to admit. For super casual eats, you can find me grabbing a takeout order from Coco-Rice, Pita Express or the One that Got away. No that’s not my exe’s house. For something a bit more “date night” Lees, Blowfish, Frings or the Keg if she’s really cool. 




I prefer the laid-back vibe of a bar and if / when I hit one it’s Home of The Brave, yea not technically a bar but I sit at the bar and the Hip Hop mix is always on point s/o to brains4breakfast (when he does play) 


Night Life: 


I’m going to be biased here (partly cause this is my blog and partly because I can)


Wildflower Thurs - Sun 


on track. Top: Bench Canada Bottom: Bench Canada Shoes:'s not about them.