Inspired by her / by Jason Johnson


Her body spread across my bed. Silhouettes of her moulded by my duvet cover

The sun rays peeked through the blinds, she now awaken, wiped the sleep from her eyes while adjusting to the light.

I adjusted to her.

Body heat comforted the cold morning air.

Admiring everything that we are.

Caught in between the duvet and a moment.

I feel her and not just in the physical sense of her

The scent of her lingers in my pillows, the scent of us lingers in the duvet

I think there was a moment where she said, no we said, shit we would never say. Like, I think I love you. There might have been a few kisses in between deep breaths, deep breaths because our bodies would die without air

But who cares

Lips locked, caught a few hairs in my mouth We laughed while I pulled it out and she smiled when I put it in.

Deep thoughts She said She love She loves everything about me especially what’s within.

I felt like I mean we felt like No time felt like it was frozen.

And she froze, let out a sigh mid climax


I laughed at the frizziness of her hair Wiped away a loose eyelash

I could of made a few more wishes but I already had what I wished for,

Sunday Mornings with you.

Oct. 6th. 2014

By: Jason R. Johnson