Blonde on Repeat / by Jason Johnson

The Sun illuminates and the shadows become clear

In and out of day dreams searching for a better tomorrow 

I took a trip to get away.

Still tripping over the small things, still looking for meaning in every single detail. 

Lessons turns into habits that becomes evident in our mannerisms. Its no wonder why i'm recluse. Mentally exhausted trying to maneuver through the minefield of everyone's ego, 

And every time I wave a white flag someone sets fire to it.  

I remind myself that nothing is more important than my sanity. 

Creating tomorrow, while appreciating the past. 

Out in The Desert I found clarity,

Wistfully Staring into the vastness of the landscape, hoping a sign or message would appear. 

The Universe tends to give us only what we can handle, or so i've been told, I now find solitude knowing that i've dealt with every card that's been given to me. 

On the bathroom mirror I wrote " Be Open, to what may come next and eventually you'll find a way".