Life isn't always what it seems, that statement is much truer these days. 

I always ask myself when is too late too late? I feel like I should have most, if not all of the basics figured out by now. As foolish as it sounds, I'm still trying to apply current knowledge to the old me.

I'm trying to find my path and where I truly fit in. I told a friend I still feel lost and i'm trying to find where I need to be. I'm not entirely sure where 'where' is and why I need to be there, but It's a thought that often plague my mind. I was reassured by all of the accomplishments of tangible things, things that don't touch my soul, things that haven't necessarily given me the opportunity to improve on another's life. 

I'm private with my life because I still believe some things should possess an air of mystery. I still believe in keeping things sacred and only letting people in that have proven over time that they are worth it. I think in the process I’ve alienated myself and locked a few people out that could've been worth it. Its easy to walk away from things / people when you've become accustomed to doing so.