REFLECT / by Jason Johnson



Flights paid for by someone else 

You said you're just trying to find yourself 

Through someone else 


Lost your mind 

Thinking about someone else 

Temporary love 

Empty Vessels 

When was the last time he touched your soul? 


Aren't you tired of being someone's muse when there is nothing amusing about your heart being abused? 


I'm what you want 

So when you get what you want what do you want?


We can never get it right 

Who's occupying your time 

When i'm on this late night grind?


I'll wait, i'm sure you know I don't mind. 

All friends, you and I, me and her

You said last time was the last time 

You should of left last time

Complaining about all this lost time 


Miss seeing text alerts with your name

Backspacing words while you think it out

                                         messages became stories about how I left you with all these feelings 

What am I supposed to do with all these?, for real 

If I wrote your name plus mine a thousand times does it count as poetry?