LOVE MY HOOD x BENCH CANADA / by Jason Johnson

If neighborhoods affected your health and well being I would say i’m somewhere in between casual athlete and occupational alcoholic, welcome to my King West a neighborhood that is constantly on. 


This is #loveyourhood for Bench Canada 


I wanted to capture the essence of this street, between Spadina and Bathurst, highlight some of the spots I visit. I won’t go in to much detail about each spot but rather give you a quick overview of the places, some things to order and leave the rest for visual consumption. 


I eat, breathe, work and sleep (literally) in this neighborhood and you can often spot me cruising these side streets on two wheels. 



Here are some of my go to spots, some at different times. Feel free to drop my name at any of these restaurants or establishments. Disclaimer: Saying my name will actually do nothing for you 




Well “Breakfast” is a loose term in my world some nights turn into mornings and some are way too “A.M” ish for me. I alternate between two spots Brioche and Portland Variety, PV for the win with the comfortable seats and home feel. Plus the deserts / treats are actually worth the price. 


Order the Patatas Bravas (I swear they inject it with crack, so good) 




Lunch meetings are a norm and frequent so I stick to places that are quick, casual, and has great food. My Go-To is definitely Gusto 101, the casual feel, rustic mechanic garage shop turnt into Italian Cusine heaven reaffirms that Italians take pride in everything they do. If Only I had the Ferrari outside.. 





Believe it or not, I like to keep dinner casual. Me being an excellent Chef when it comes to all day breakfast or any thing microwaveable, eats out more than I would like to admit. For super casual eats, you can find me grabbing a takeout order from Coco-Rice, Pita Express or the One that Got away. No that’s not my exe’s house. For something a bit more “date night” Lees, Blowfish, Frings or the Keg if she’s really cool. 




I prefer the laid-back vibe of a bar and if / when I hit one it’s Home of The Brave, yea not technically a bar but I sit at the bar and the Hip Hop mix is always on point s/o to brains4breakfast (when he does play) 


Night Life: 


I’m going to be biased here (partly cause this is my blog and partly because I can)


Wildflower Thurs - Sun 


on track. Top: Bench Canada Bottom: Bench Canada Shoes:'s not about them.