I've been whispering all my wishes to the moon, Cause who else is there to talk to when we all fight for "God?"

Sitting in foreign places observing people as they pass by provides a weird sense of calm, it’s only in motion do I ever feel at peace. 

Staying still, Kills. 

30, will make you think about forever, like, what if you actually live ’til you’re fucking 80 with no plan, alone with cats and your garden (if you even have that)... It's scary lol

I’m proud to say hot dog vendors haven’t seen me in years, it’s with decisions like these that makes me feel like one day i’ll get this “adulting” thing people talk about. 

Taking chances, Taking risks. I’ll never get it fully right, or know why I want her in one of my better tees when she asks if I have something comfortable to wear. 

I like who I am when i'm not trying to maintain this idea of who I want to be.Learning not to judge myself based on what others tend to show. 

Moments and experiences ultimately shape / reveal what we truly want, it’s only then things become clear.  I keep telling myself i’m somewhere between, ‘You're exactly where you need to be and why the hell is this taking so long.’

I’d like to think that I’m growing. I’d like to think that nothing was done in vain. Shedding older versions of me, I feel like i’ve been a few people already in my life time. 

I found some old writing, and it was therapy. I re-read a few books and found that different parts of it resonated. 

It was South Africa; It was there I learned to let go and place faith in the universe, it was then that I learned your thoughts can become things.

Finding ways to create something beautiful. 

For now, the consistent Sunrise, gives me hope that each day can provide beauty.