32,000" / by Jason Johnson


Mid-Air is where I meditate 

Listening to Drake spill his truth over the most hypnotizing beats, i’m always amazed at how he can summarize exactly what I feel so eloquently. 

I need 40 to score this moment something between ‘Shot for Me’ and ‘Redemption’ with a Kanye feature ...... screaming “Watch out for meeee” 

“Two wrongs don’t make a right but Three Lefts will”, that’s a quote. I can’t be the only one wishing I was more successful, more creative. For now I admire those that were able to get it right. Learning how to be as important as the person next to me without screaming for attention.

Paying more attention to how things connect than just simply fixating on how to get there.

Life is beautiful I'm watching the sunset knowing that it will rise again and that every risk taken brings me closer to fulfilling all my desires and more importantly helping someone else realize theirs.