I wrote it

32 TRIPS AROUND THE SUN by Jason Johnson


2017 nearly broke me

Can’t thank you enough if you’ve shown me love consistently and I can’t tell you that I don’t miss the ones that have left.

A few false starts but i’m eager to get it right

I know the value of my words or your words will fade and Time will have you looking at people differently, I hope there is always room for dialogue and more memories. 

Sometime not too long ago I was young running around chasing these dreams with a pocket full of change. Jane and Lawrence at the coffee time is where we used to plot and scheme over stale donuts. 

Yesterday I got lost on a street I couldn’t pronounce and I couldn’t be more content with where my life is going. 

Here’s to another trip around the Sun. 

32,000" by Jason Johnson


Mid-Air is where I meditate 

Listening to Drake spill his truth over the most hypnotizing beats, i’m always amazed at how he can summarize exactly what I feel so eloquently. 

I need 40 to score this moment something between ‘Shot for Me’ and ‘Redemption’ with a Kanye feature ...... screaming “Watch out for meeee” 

“Two wrongs don’t make a right but Three Lefts will”, that’s a quote. I can’t be the only one wishing I was more successful, more creative. For now I admire those that were able to get it right. Learning how to be as important as the person next to me without screaming for attention.

Paying more attention to how things connect than just simply fixating on how to get there.

Life is beautiful I'm watching the sunset knowing that it will rise again and that every risk taken brings me closer to fulfilling all my desires and more importantly helping someone else realize theirs. 

Blonde on Repeat by Jason Johnson

The Sun illuminates and the shadows become clear

In and out of day dreams searching for a better tomorrow 

I took a trip to get away.

Still tripping over the small things, still looking for meaning in every single detail. 

Lessons turns into habits that becomes evident in our mannerisms. Its no wonder why i'm recluse. Mentally exhausted trying to maneuver through the minefield of everyone's ego, 

And every time I wave a white flag someone sets fire to it.  

I remind myself that nothing is more important than my sanity. 

Creating tomorrow, while appreciating the past. 

Out in The Desert I found clarity,

Wistfully Staring into the vastness of the landscape, hoping a sign or message would appear. 

The Universe tends to give us only what we can handle, or so i've been told, I now find solitude knowing that i've dealt with every card that's been given to me. 

On the bathroom mirror I wrote " Be Open, to what may come next and eventually you'll find a way". 

INTERLUDE by Jason Johnson


These days I've lost all lust for the discovery phase 

I asked her 'what will you do when all that beauty fades?'

When your beauty fades

Your character stays. 

I've been looking for some substance

I hope it's you.

I've been Jaded.. I hope it fades, girl I hope it fades 

Honest Feelings, Bad Timing. by Jason Johnson

Echoing thoughts 

Silence between us

And gravity never felt heavier, 

I said words that cracked the silence like lightning 

and crashed into some of hers

She never spoke after,

Well not full sentences, slight words

Perfection like sleep always seems to elude me

We stayed up,

We stood still, with echoing thoughts in our mind of what we should've said. 

The lines on her face narrates, 

How are you going to lose interest when I just got used to you? 

How are you going to lose interest when I just got used to you.

How are you going to lose interest when I just got used to you...

PALM SPRINGS by Jason Johnson

We often look at a picture and admire the scenery, I enjoy the journey and all the awkwardness of it. The airline representatives that is exhausted but still rips your ticket with a smile, the avoidance of eye contact when trying to find your seat, the headset that says "please don't talk to me", the shuffling of seats to go to the bathroom, the staring out of the window anticipating your arrival, the people you left behind and won't see for a week, the flight attendants that double as waiters.It’s in these few moments without wifi, that I can truly connect.

Let me know where your mind takes you. 

KIND WORDS by Jason Johnson

A stranger approached me with a few kind words, Told me he appreciated my drive, my hustle and how i've inspired him. It was good knowing someone was watching, someone saw some good even when I felt stagnant. 

We're always trying to be something, be someone, achieve something and sometimes we get so lost in those desires that we forget to be human. 


Sometimes all it takes is a few good words or a shot of whiskey with a stranger / friend to be.

4AM KING STREET by Jason Johnson



So many souls, why do interact with the ones that we do? I think about past friends, past relationships and how vital at one point or another those were.

My views have changed and some of my old friends stayed the same and with a flashback my soul relives every moment so vividly.

Where do we go when we dream? And why can a heartbreak still feel so present?

I drift in and out of day dreams, my soul is connected to a few places, a few dates and a few moments it refuses to let go of.

With two hands on my mug I took a sip, stared into the cup waiting for words of wisdom to appear.

UNTITLED by Jason Johnson

Serving heart breaks On the assembly line

You don't want me in this state

You don't want me at this time

Breaking hearts to break the monotony

Breaking hearts to see If I can still feel mine

Please Lord

Realign these energies.

WINTER & CHILL by Jason Johnson

These bed sheets formed hills out of your curves,  and I leaned in to place my lips gently, on yours

like morning dew that sits on a blade of grass, and a


came from the build up

of electric charge

A half smile and a frown,

I stopped you from using your hand to soothe the pain from your lips, and kissed you  instead

In a room filled with natural light

You shone the brightest


The wind whistles and tree branches with ice filled cracks, breaks trying to dance with the wind.

And we were warmed knowing

That on cold days we were not alone

.....and no it's not selfish that you stole the duvet and wrapped yourself into a cocoon.

Jan 7th. 2016